Committee Roster 2015-2016


Executive Committee
The Executive Committee will make recommendations concerning the vision and structure of the fund. They will have the authority to make final decisions on all matters related to the WFWM. They will have primary responsibility for fundraising and for creating and monitoring the organization's budget.
Layla Taylor, President
Haydee Lamberty-Rodriguez, Vice President
Fung Chow, Treasurer
Leigh Rae, Clerk
Anne Weiss
Elizabeth Barajas-Román

The Finance Committee will monitor the budget, and financial statements of the WFWM.
Fung Chow, Chair
Suzette Fontaine Collins**
Denise Dukette*
Leigh Rae
Nancy Robinson*
Michelle Theroux
Elizabeth Barajas-Román

The Investment Committee will monitor the investment strategies and performance of the WFWM.
Ronda Parish, Chair
Lynn Hatch*
Louise Nicholas*
Amy Santarelli*
Susan Ware*
Elizabeth Barajas-Román

The Governance/Nominating Committee will be responsible for identifying and recruiting directors and officers for the Board. They will also be responsible for orientation of new board members and advising on matters of governance and board development.
Michelle Theroux, Chair
Liz Dineen
Elizabeth Barajas-Román, Staff (non-voting)

The Fundraising Committee will be responsible for identifying, educating and soliciting donors.
Jill Paul, Chair
Sara Crawley
Heather Milkewicz*
Janet Casey

The Marketing Committee will be responsible for increasing public awareness of the fund.
Kathy Cardinale, BOD, Cttee. Chair
Linda Edwards
Karen Woltjen Hines
Elizabeth Barajas-Román

The Grantmaking Committee will be responsible for developing the grantmaking policies and procedures for the fund. They will oversee the grant selection process.
Layla Taylor, chair
Monica Borgatti*
Leida Cartagena*
Christie Higuera*
Louise Hillman*
Leigh Rae
Lisa Ranghelli*
Mia Sullivan*
Pia Kumar*
Elizabeth Barajas-Román

LIPPI Advisory Board
Lisa Baskin*
Cynthia Brubaker*
Camille Butterfield Elliott*
Elizabeth Cardona*
Liz Dineen
Jillian Duclos*
Kristen Elechko*
Rep. Tricia Farley Bouvier*
Sue Freeman*
Patricia Hallberg*
Clare Higgins*
Chelsea Kline*
Kristin Leutz*
Dora Lewis*
Lida Lewis*
Laurie Loisel*
Sharon Looney-Armstrong*
Suzanne Parker*
Hon. Gail Perlman*
Alex Russell*
Elizabeth Silver*
Rep. Ellen Story*
Diana Sutton-Fernandez*
Katie Zobel*
Elizabeth Barajas-Román

  *Community member
**Board Alumnae