Shannon Gustafson
2013 Ripple Effect Awardee

Family Learning Center - Community Action

Vonetta Smith

Franklin County:

Shannon Gustafson is a single mother of five, who found strength and hope in the Community Action Family Learning Center after her tragedy of losing her 3-month old son and her job of 12 years. Shannon struggled to find the emotional resilience to carry on, but her five children needed her more than ever. As she worked to move forward she faced the obstacle of searching for a new job without a high school diploma. The Community Action Family Learning Center was the means for Shannon to achieve her GED completion and create a vision for a new future. The support she found at the center was just what she needed and she is now currently enrolled at Greenfield Community College where she is pursuing a future career as grief counselor. With our support, Shannon is ready to set professional goals while fulfilling a promise to her family and to herself.