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The Leadership Institute for Political and Public Impact (LIPPI) is inspiring women's interest in public service and policy, enhancing their confidence, and setting the expectation that we believe they will become our region's next powerful and effective civic leaders.

Nearly 200 women strong, #LIPPIWomenRun. They are running for Mayor, working for Senator Warren and the Governor, serving on boards and leading change in our communities.   

Help #LIPPIWomenRun,
Help #LIPPIWomenWin

Tuition for LIPPI costs $2,500. We want more women in our region running their own campaigns and affecting policy regardless of their ability to afford the program. Help #LIPPIWomenRun by raising awareness & resources for LIPPI Leadership Grants. Create your own #LIPPIWomenRun fundraising webpage simply by clicking on "JOIN THE TEAM" on our Crowdrise page.
By joining the #LIPPIWomenRun team you will feel great and get the following:

  • Training and personalized help with fundraising
  • If doing a running event: group training runs organized by LIPPI alums
  • Customized web page for online donations at
  • #LIPPIWomenRun T-shirt
  • #LIPPIWomenRun water bottle
  • Women's Fund hat
  • Summer potluck

Not sure what to do?

Organize a car wash, run a half marathon, or come up with something completely unique. Whatever the event, we will help you pull it all together and customize an event that's right for you. #LIPPIWomenRun 

Here are some additional ideas:
Cycling event
Personal Milestone
Garage Sale
Car Wash
Volunteer Project

YOU can help us create future women leaders and build the strong programs that educate, empower, and promote leadership for the women of our region to reach their full potential. Join us today and ask your friends and family to support your efforts with a donation to your #LIPPIWomenRun personal fundraising page.

The Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts has public charity, nontaxable, 501(c)(3) status in the United States. We rely on the support of many generous individuals, foundations, and corporations. Contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.