Core Focus and Strategic Grantmaking

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Core Focus

Starting with the launch of our new strategic plan in 2017, the Women's Fund will focus on economic prosperity for young women (aged 12-24) as a foundation for long-term change. In addition, we will support gender-focused projects that help drive the conditions that foster economic prosperity for women of all ages. All projects must center women's leadership, inspire inter-generational collaboration, and must demonstrate meaningful relationships with multi-sector partners.  We are seeking projects that are data-informed, meaning that successful grantees will be able to articulate how reliable data or research shows the project will likely have a measurable impact on the issue the program seeks to address.

Strategic Grants

The Women's Fund strategic grants are conditional commitments. Successful grantees are required to enter into a contract with the Fund each year of the 3 year grant cycle.  The grants will be renewed for each year during the grant cycle only if assumptions are met, and upon successful completion of annual goals. Successful applicants must be able to affirm that their project incorporates the philosophy and priorities of the Women's Fund. In addition, successful proposals should articulate a progressive three-year plan with one or more of the following outcomes:"

  • Public policy change
  • Advances in existing research
  • Redefining/reframing key narratives in order to influence individual and/or community behavior;
  • Building critical mass of engagement
  • Demonstrating replicability of a model/innovation

Collaboration requirements

Project proposals must demonstrate meaningful collaboration between at least two distinct organizations. We will also give priority to applicants that involve cross-sector coalitions (non-profit, corporate, government, school, etc.).