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2014 Annual Report

Power Up!

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Pictured left to right:

Lizzy Ortiz, LIPPI 2012, City of Springfield

Carol Campbell, WFWM Board, President, CEO, Chicopee Industrial

Deja Eddington, Grantee Partner Community Member, Treehouse Community

Melissa Mann, WFWM Development Committee, Business Banking Center Manager, PeoplesBank

Khadhia Eddington, Grantee Partner Community Member, Treehouse Community

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Message from the CEO and Board President

Dear Neighbors and Colleagues,

In a popular 1980s arcade game, a player could collect bonus points that also gave them a significant advantage. These advantages were called Power Ups and they usually included a brief, but strategically important, surge of additional strength, firepower, or giant-size height that allowed the player to step easily over obstructions and other challenges.

This report includes some of our proudest Power Up moments that allowed us to draw on over fifteen years of experience as a foundation with deep expertise in funding top performing nonprofit organizations that work on behalf of women and girls in our region.

With our Ripple Effect Awards, we recognized 5 outstanding women who made a difference in their communities. The Women's Fund also invested $240,000 in grant commitments in Berkshire, Franklin, Hamden and Hampshire counties. Working within our focus areas of Educational Access and Success, Economic Justice, and Safety and Freedom from Violence, partners in these communities will each receive $60,000 over three years to deploy innovative programs that will help shift the landscape for women and girls. During that time, we will encourage their success through an additional $20,000 investment in leadership training for core grantee staff, and consistent and robust impact evaluations that track successes and help minimize challenges.

In addition, 35 new Leadership Institute for Political and Public Impact (LIPPI) graduates joined the ranks of LIPPI alumnae across the region. We also conducted a historic survey of issues facing women and their families in western Massachusetts. Our Status of Women in Western Massachusetts report highlighted political disparities along with many other gender differences around health, education, voter turnout rates and much more.

In the new fiscal year, we are already building on these milestones. We are building stronger alliances with organizations and agencies doing work in our priority areas. We know that effective solutions require creative collaboration, and we look forward to leveraging our grant making to attract additional resources from the field. We will also offer another round of multi-year grants in FY2015 that will allow us to partner with organizations in a sustained way. We also look forward to expanding our women's leadership training, and supporting gender-equity policy reforms by activating and deploying our extensive network of leadership graduates, grantees, and volunteers.

Since 1997, your Women's Fund has awarded over $2 million to more than 150 nonprofit organizations, impacting over 80,000 women and girls. Our purpose is to leverage philanthropic investments to help build high-performing networks within communities that work efficiently and effectively to deliver better results toward long-term, sustainable, change for women and girls.

We believe in our Women's Fund's ability to leverage resources and work collaboratively to create a better community for women and girls. We know you believe in your Women's Fund too.

Your Women's Fund staff, Board of Directors, and committee members, invite you to join us at this exciting, dynamic, time. We look forward to joining forces with you in the year to come. Thank you for helping your Women's Fund Power Up.

With gratitude,

Signature of Elizabeth
Elizabeth Barajas-Román
Chief Executive Officer

Signature of Elizabeth
Michelle Theroux
President, Board of Directors

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"You have to question everything. Everybody in the world has the ability to change. You have the ability to change. And, the only way you do that is by keeping your eyes open and be willing to take things in, be willing to take risks, and be willing to stand up."

—Layla Taylor

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Layla Taylor

Partner, Sullivan, Hayes, & Quinn, LLC
Board Member, Grant making Committee Chair, Donor

Layla Taylor discovered the Women's Fund online when she was looking for a way to channel her passion for social justice and gender equity. She was drawn to the work of our Women's Fund, in particular, its grant making process. Layla now serves as the Fund's Board of Director's vice president and was instrumental in shepherding the Fund through its latest shift in grant making.

When organizations apply for the multi-year grants they now need to articulate a big bold goal, and demonstrate meaningful collaboration with at least one other organization or group.

"What is it that you want to change for women and girls in these four counties?" said Layla regarding the process. "In that big bold goal, what is it you want to do within three years to move that needle?"

Layla said the grant making epitomizes the unique role the Women's Fund has in the community. "The Women's Fund is very different from other grant making institutions because we are really true partners to those sister organizations that come aboard," she said.

The blue-ribbon grant making committee, made up of community members from all four western counties, intensified focus on projects' proposed evaluation and impact. Layla also praised the fact that these new grantee partners are supported in new and unique ways, including scholarships to attend the Women's Fund leadership institute. "Any successful project needs people at the helm who can engage the community," she said.

Layla's life's passion rings true with each step she takes with the Women's Fund. "You have to question everything," she said. "Everybody in the world has the ability to change. You have the ability to change. And, the only way you do that is by keeping your eyes open and be willing to take things in, be willing to take risks, and be willing to stand up."

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Year in Review

Power Up is about aggregating the collective resources, influence, and expertise of organizations serving women and girls to make a difference in the systems that impact their lives. The 2014 fiscal year in review (July 2013-July 2014) includes highlights of how your Women’s Fund Powered Up with your neighbors, friends, and colleagues.

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Power Up Gatherings

We used our 2013 Status Report on Women in Western Massachusetts to gauge how to prioritize funding. County gatherings allowed us to communicate the findings and connect with stakeholders.

The Ripple Effect

We recognized individual women among our grantee partners who made a difference in their communities through our funding relationship.

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Our Grantees

Your Women's Fund made $240,000 in grant commitments in Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire counties. Working within our focus areas of educational access and success, economic justice, and safety and freedom from violence, partners in these communities will each receive $60,000 over three years to deploy innovative programs that will help shift the landscape for women and girls.

In addition to the financial award, your Women's Fund is investing an additional $20,000 into the partnerships by giving each organization the opportunity to select two of their staff, constituents, or board members as participants of our signature leadership program, the Leadership Institute for Political and Public Impact (LIPPI).

Current Grantees
"We are thrilled and grateful that the Women's Fund has stepped forward to help to build our capacity at this strategic moment for our organization."
—Judy Cockerton, Treehouse Foundation Founder

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Status of Women Report

Knowledge is power. We documented the reality of women's lives throughout our four communities to serve as a baseline from which we can identify emerging issues for area women and girls. Since it's release, the report has been used by advocates to champion gender equity.

Reproductive Health – Female adolescents in 3 out of 4 of western MA counties have considerably higher rates of births than the state average, and a significant percentage of them smoked during pregnancy.
Poverty and Self-Sufficiency – For women in 3 out of 4 counties the poverty rate is higher than the state average.
Political Participation and Representation - There continued to be a significant gap between the number of women in the general population and their representation in government.

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LIPPI logo

LIPPI Graduation 2014

Since 2011 the Leadership Institute for Political and Public Impact (LIPPI) has equipped more than 200 women from across the four western counties to become civic leaders in their communities, have an impact on policy on the local, state, and national levels, and seek and retain elected positions. LIPPI grads comprise a wide spectrum of backgrounds, ethnic groups, and ages ranging from 18-60+ years old. Their achievements include running for office, managing campaigns, fundraising for female candidates, and attending the Yale Women's Campaign School. LIPPI women lead.

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2014 LIPPI Cohort

  • Diana Alvarez, Hampshire County
  • Sharon Armstrong,Hampshire County
  • Virginia Constant, Hampshire County
  • Jean Derderian, Franklin County
  • Marji Dixon, Hamden County
  • Kyle Kate Dudley, Hampshire County
  • Akilah Edgerton, Berkshire County
  • Sarah Kofke-Egger, Hamden County
  • Pamela Farron, Hamden County
  • Rebecca Fricke, Hampshire County
  • Allyson Garcia, Hampshire County
  • Rani Gould, Hampshire County
  • Zaida Govan, Hamden County
  • Rosa Guerra, Franklin County
  • Karen Hansmann, Hamden County
  • Santina Haywood, Hamden County
  • Patricia Healey, Hampshire County
  • Mercy Jenkins, Hamden County
  • Lauren O'Boyle, Hampshire County
  • Michaela O'Brien, Hampshire County
  • Linda O'Connell, Hamden County
  • Leilani Paniagua, Hamden County
  • Thu Pham, Hamden County
  • Elaine Puleo, Franklin County
  • Carolyn Rivera, Hamden County
  • Georgia Robert, Hamden County
  • Erica Rose, Hamden County
  • Diane Scherrer, Hampshire County
  • Stephanie Slysz, Hampshire County
  • Meghan Smith, Hampshire County
  • Jennifer Tufts, Franklin County
  • Lisa Waldman, Hampshire County
  • Patty Walker, Franklin County
  • Juliana West, Franklin County
  • Melanie Wilkerson, Hampshire County
  • She Changes the World Awards went to:
  • Elizabeth Cardona, Gladys Lebrón-Marinez and Charlotte Golar Richie.
  • Special Video Address by:
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren, (D-MA)
100 Good Men logo

100 Good Men

Eight committee volunteers and 200 supporters helped unveil the 100 Good Men Campaign on May 1, 2014 at the Twin Hills Country Club. The on-going campaign has raised $17,000 to date and celebrates the men who invest with the Women's Fund as part of their commitment to a just and equitable world for their mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and friends.

"My support for women and girls is very strong. Starting with my mother who showed me by example what it meant to work hard and respect others. Not only is my wife a founding member of the Women's Fund, my four daughters are a caring, intelligent strong force I adore."
—Paul Doherty, Esquire
Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy

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Community Connections

To Power Up, we strategically align as a partner with organizations and groups that advocate for the rights and opportunities of women and girls in our four counties. In the past year, we were a proud sponsor of the following initiatives:

  • Berkshire Women Writer's Festival, Bard College/Simon's Rock
  • Diversity and Inclusion Conference, BayState Health
  • Heart of Money Partner
  • "Roe v. Wade: Protecting Privacy, Preserving Choice" event sponsorship
  • Springfield Public Forum, Olympia Snow sponsorship
  • Valley Gives Partner
  • Women in Philanthropy 2014 Conference
  • Women of Color Giving Circle, Berkshires

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For the Love of Women

About 100 guests helped us celebrate our social justice partnership with the LGBT community at our For the Love of Women event at the Lord Jeffery Inn. We also honored Judy Duglacz, founder of Olivia Records, Olivia Cruises and Olivia Travel, with a 'She Changes the World' award in recognition of her achievement as a human rights pioneer on behalf of lesbians and the entire LGBT community in the United States and around the world.

Thanks to:
Our Presenting Hostesses

  • Amy Jamrog and Kim Cook

Our Hostess Committee

  • Sandy Anderson, Emcee
  • Shirley Edgerton
  • Linda Marchesani
  • Jess Saalfield
  • Anne Paradis and MJ Canavan
  • Yanina Vargas and Jane Stangl

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Carla Appreciation

In February 2014 close to 100 friends and supporters joined us to pay tribute to Carla Oleska, former Women's Fund CEO, in appreciation for her 8 years of service to the organization. Under Carla's leadership, the Women's Fund experienced excellent growth, allocating $1.25 million in grant funds, and establishing the Leadership Institute for Political and Public Impact.

"This is and always will be the magic of our Women's Fund, the linking of mission with hearts and hands."
—Carla Oleska

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"We are at a time when women can reframe and redefine leadership. Not just women's leadership but leadership in general and how our global society is rethinking our world order."

—Camille Butterfield-Elliott

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Camille Butterfield-Elliott

Associate Director of Student Services, Springfield College
LIPPI 2012, LIPPI Scholarship Donor

Camille was immediately drawn to the Women's Fund leadership program because it gave her space to grow as a leader. "It was a spiritual awakening for me, not just a place of networking," she said. "LIPPI is a safe place that exudes empowerment and taught me to honor my own life journey and personal experience."

Camille has continued her support for LIPPI beyond her 2012 graduation from the program. She has helped recruit new participants, furthered her own skills through our LIPPI Community Workshops and gatherings, and made personal donations to help defray the cost of LIPPI tuition for new students. Any woman, of any age, socio-economic background, or ethnicity has a right to "join the sisterhood of the 200 LIPPI women to change the landscape for women and their families through civic and public life," she said.

"We are at a time when women can reframe and redefine leadership. Not just women's leadership but leadership in general and how our global society is rethinking our world order," Camille said.

She said that LIPPI also provided tangible tools for engaging in board service, community organizing, running for office, to for advancing her own civic and public obligations. "I learned to have a better vision of myself and greater leadership and civic activism. We have to be more than conveners at the table. We have to become more social transformational leaders," Camille said.

"LIPPI is the premier leadership development initiative in Western Massachusetts," Camille added. And that's why, beyond her personal growth, she feels strongly about her active role as a LIPPI alumna, and will continue to actively recruit women.

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A Conversation with Carla

Carla Oleska announced in December 2013 that she would be leaving the Women's Fund after 8 years at its helm for a position as Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Elms College. In an exclusive interview, Carla speaks candidly with our new CEO, Elizabeth Barajas-Román, who came on board in August 2014.

Financial Information

94¢ of every dollar donated to the Women's Fund goes directly to programs that benefit women and girls.


6% Administrative Costs

Statement of Financial Position, June 30, 2014


"I know from experience that the best way to invest is systematically, every year, in the same program, over and over and over. A long term investment gives you the best overall rate of return. Looking back, the Women's Fund has proved to be an incredible investment."

—Amy Jamrog

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Amy Jamrog,

Wealth Management Advisor, The Jamrog Group, Northwestern Mutual
Board Alumnae, Sustaining Donor, Corporate Donor, Founding Donor

Amy Jamrog began investing with the Women's Fund 17 years ago, when she had limited resources, and the organization was just a startup. Amy led efforts to secure 2,000 donors who pledged to give $2,000. The money raised during that time formed the $2.5 million pool from which the organization has reinvested into the community through multi-year grant making.

"I always compared the WFWM to a mutual fund: it's not one particular non-profit specializing in one particular area … it is a collection of all of the best," Amy said. "All of the greatest women's and girls' programs, organizations, leaders, and ideas get channeled through the Women's Fund."

As a leader in the financial services community, Amy follows the same philosophy in her philanthropy as she does in her business. "I know from experience that the best way to invest is systematically, every year, in the same program, over and over and over. A long term investment gives you the best overall rate of return. Looking back, the Women's Fund has proved to be an incredible investment."

Amy served on the Board of Directors for six years. As a Board alum, she has continued to be a loyal and committed volunteer, adding her expertise to our investment and finance committees, serving on special event planning boards, and speaking at Women's Fund conferences and workshops. The Women's Fund is fortunate to have been the beneficiary of Amy's energy, sense of humor, generosity, and expertise over the years.

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Individual Donors

The work of the Women's Fund cannot be accomplished without this broad base of support from our four counties and beyond. Thank you.

  • Anonymous (10)
  • Sharon Adams
  • Norma Adler and Susan Torrey
  • Sue Alexander
  • Susan Alston
  • Rep. Denise Andrews
  • Veda Andrus
  • Elizabeth Anema and Betsy Johnson
  • Margot Atkinson
  • Mollie Babize and Mary Quigley
  • Barbara S. Bacon
  • Janna Bacon
  • Lee Badgett
  • Janet Balise
  • Deborah Balmuth
  • Ted Barber
  • Mary Barringer
  • Barrington Foundation Inc.
  • Gina Barry
  • Marie Bartlett
  • Lisa Baskin
  • Vicki Baum-Hommes
  • Jean Beard
  • Peggy Bedell
  • Elizabeth and Sanford Belden
  • Rochelle Benoit
  • Carolyn Benson and Connie Baugh
  • Ellen and Peter Berek
  • Christine and Robert Bergquist
  • Tina and Michael Berins
  • Joyce Berkman
  • Julie Bermant
  • Olivia Bernard
  • Deborah Blume
  • Linda Boborodea
  • Barbara Bodzin and Larry Farber
  • Valerie Bonatakis
  • Meredith and James Boone
  • Sandra Boston de Sylvia
  • Sarah Boy
  • Christine Brandon
  • Alyssa Breguet
  • Merricka Breuer
  • Jacquline Brosseau-Pereira
  • Mary Thorpe Brown and Bruce Brown
  • Felicia and Christopher Buendo
  • Michelle Bugbee
  • Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas
  • Jane and Lawrence Burke
  • Kathy and Lori Burroughs
  • Sandra Burton and Don Quinn Kelley
  • Myrna Butler
  • Sarah Buttenweiser and Hosea Baskin
  • Mary Byers
  • Carol Campbell
  • Mary Jane Canavan
  • Kathy Cardinale
  • Valerie Caro
  • Ethel (Risky) Case
  • Maureen Casey
  • Janet Caswell and Ferna Shrewsbury
  • Katie Chappell
  • Deborah Charren and Timothy Diehl
  • Jaymie and Michael Chernoff
  • Fung Chow
  • Michelle Clarkin and Marlene Eicholtz
  • Fredrika Clement
  • Elsa Phillippi Cline
  • Susan Clopton and John Levine
  • Mary Ann Cofrin
  • Bernard Cohen
  • Beth Cohen
  • Sara Cohen and Jim Kessler
  • Shera Cohen
  • Chia Collins and Michael Cohen
  • Suzette Fontaine Collins
  • Sarah Concannon
  • Anne and Charles Connington
  • Carol and Rick Constant
  • Carla Cooke
  • Jessie Cooley
  • Beth and Paul Coombs
  • Christine Coughlan
  • Patricia and Tim Crane
  • Sally Crawford and Jane Porter
  • Crawley Family Foundation
  • Sara Crawley
  • Cheri Cross
  • Joe Croteau
  • Margo Culley
  • Sylvia Cuomo
  • Regina Curtis
  • Annette and Dean Cycon
  • Janet Daisley and Tripp Peake
  • Elizabeth Daly and Barbara Dunn
  • Lynn Dashevsky
  • Sharon Davenport
  • Carol Davis
  • Laurel and Linda Davis-Delano
  • Isa Deloge
  • Florence and Peter DeRose
  • Kelly and Charlie DeRose
  • Linda Desmarais
  • L. Alexandra Dest
  • Naren Dhamodharan
  • Kerry Dietz
  • Elizabeth Dineen and Stephen Spelman
  • Lori Divine-Hudson
  • Marji Dixon
  • Lindsay Doak
  • Brian Doherty
  • Dianne and Paul Doherty
  • Paul Doherty
  • Kathy Donnellan
  • Anne and Henry Drapalski
  • Carol Drexler
  • Wraye Dugundji and Sheryl Derderian
  • Cheryl L. Dukes
  • Camille Butterfield Elliott
  • Linda Edwards
  • Janet and John Egelhofer
  • Ruth Elcan
  • Kristen Elechko
  • Laurie Estes
  • Doreen Fadus
  • Joan Featherman
  • Michele Feinstein
  • Ann Ferguson
  • Candy Fetzer
  • Judi Fonsh
  • Mollie Fox
  • Katherine Francis
  • Sue Freeman
  • Marlene Fried
  • Linda Fuller
  • Sally Fuller
  • Betsy Gaberman
  • Judy Garcia
  • Jonna Gaberman and Bruce Wintman
  • Camille Gagliardi
  • Karin George
  • Janine and Thomas Giles
  • Ruthie Giles
  • Dana Gillette
  • Maria Goncalves
  • Molly Goodwin
  • Rachel Gordon
  • Cleo Gorman and Ron Ackerman
  • John and Natalie Grabill
  • Steve Grande
  • Beth Green
  • J. Lynn Griesemer
  • Frederick Griffiths
  • Sally Griggs
  • Audrey Guhn and Jeffrey Knight
  • Elaine Gunn
  • Valerie Hackenberg
  • Jan Hackman
  • Mary Hale
  • Daphne Hall and Stephen Vincent Hall
  • Patricia Hallberg
  • Rev. Ann L. Hallstein
  • Ann Hamilton
  • Karen Hansmann
  • Alane Hartley
  • Nancy Harvin
  • Wil Hastings
  • Rebecca Hedgecock
  • Sheila Hemeon-Hever
  • Eliza Hewat
  • Christie Higuera
  • Patricia Hill
  • Kevin Hines and Karen Woltjen Hines
  • Elaine Holder
  • Julie Holt
  • Jack Hornor
  • Katherine Hudson
  • Mary Hulbert and Annie Morehouse
  • Edith Hunsberger
  • Marjorie Hutter
  • Judith Ingis
  • Peggy Jablonski
  • Devorah Jacobson
  • Amy Jamrog and Kim Cook
  • Nancy Janoson and Elvira Yanez
  • Susan Jaye-Kaplan
  • Susan Joel
  • Kylie Johnson
  • Elizabeth Jones and Maxine Schmidt
  • Elizabeth Jones Hayes
  • Jae Junkunc
  • Vera and Chester Kalm
  • Kate Kane
  • Ticia Kane
  • Carol and Brad Katz
  • George Keady
  • Ellen Kennedy
  • Frank and Susan Keough
  • Kathleen Keough
  • Janet Klausner-Wise and Jeremy Wise
  • Thomas Klitus
  • Elizabeth Knight
  • Deborah Koch
  • Estate of Ruth Krauss c/o Cohen and Wolf, P.C.
  • Julie Kumble
  • Anne Kusiak
  • Liz LaBrocca
  • Jennifer Ladd
  • Susan B. Lantz
  • Carol Laplante
  • Carol Hurst LaRocca
  • Ellen Leahy Pile
  • Carol and Noel Leary
  • Ronnie Leavitt
  • Heather Lederman
  • Melinda and K. Frances Lee
  • Joellen LeGrand
  • Vikki Lenhart
  • Stacey Lennard
  • Kristin and Simon Leutz
  • Claudia Levin
  • Darlene Libiszewski
  • Jane Lindfors and Bernard Cohen
  • Ellen and Bill Lindsey
  • Ann Lisi
  • Sally Livingston
  • Gloria Lomax
  • Eleanor Lord
  • Karen Lord
  • Elizabeth Loughran
  • Susan Lowenstein Kitchell
  • Peggy Lucey
  • Andrea Luppi
  • Jane Lyon
  • Marlene and Dan Lyons
  • M.J. Maccardini
  • Susan and Alfred Magee
  • Anne Marie Mallon
  • Dr. Barbara Mandell
  • Melissa Mann
  • Elena Mansour
  • Marilyn and Todd Marchant
  • Susan Mareneck
  • Michele Marotta
  • Madelaine Marquez
  • Phyllis Marie McCourt
  • Mary and Joseph McDowell
  • Kara McElhone
  • Betsey McKearnan
  • Lisa McLoughlin
  • Cathy McNally
  • Ann McNeal
  • Janine McVay
  • Felicia Mednick
  • Michele and George Ditomassi
  • Brenda and Martin Miller
  • Sarah K. Mitchell
  • Sally and Henry Mixsell
  • Sue Monks
  • Ruth Moore
  • Molly Moskal
  • Holly Mott
  • Paula Murphy and Deb Burkhalter
  • Merry Nasser
  • Kristi Nelson
  • Dorothy Nemetz and John Todd
  • Lydia K. Nettler
  • Diane and Jane Nevinsmith
  • Robyn Ann Newhouse
  • Kathy Obear and Paulette Dalpes
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  • Michaela O'Brien and Nat Reade
  • Venessa O'Brien
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  • Elizabeth Odell
  • Carla Oleska
  • Norma Oleska
  • Shulamith Oppenheim
  • Brenda Oppermann
  • Debbie Oppermann
  • Joyce and Joseph O'Shaughnessy
  • Carol Owen and Michael Posner
  • Jack Pantera
  • Judith Papachristou
  • Anne Paradis
  • Ruth Pardoe
  • Ronda Parish
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  • Christine Parrish and Suzanne Smith
  • Jill Paul and Barbara Bilz
  • Claudia Pazmany
  • Jayne Pearl
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  • Robert and Bobbi Perry
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  • Thu Pham
  • Sally Pick Fund
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  • Jackie and David Pleet
  • Wendy Podlenski
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  • Robert Pura, President
  • Alice Pyle
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  • Sherill Redmon
  • Nancy Reiche and Thomas Kane
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  • Carolyn Rodriguez
  • Rep. Mary S. Rogeness
  • Camilo Rojas
  • Erica Rose
  • Joan Rosenbaum
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  • Margot Rowland
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  • Gloria Russell
  • Jessica Saalfield
  • Antonio and Maria Salvador
  • Bernadette Salvador Toomey
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Carol Campbell

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Lorretta Wagner

by Thomas Wagner

Ruth Webber

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Ruth E. Weston

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Sustaining Donors

Sustaining Donors partner with the Women's Fund with a multi-year pledge at a minimum of $10,000 per annum. We invite you to consider the long-term impact of such giving when identifying your philanthropic priorities. Contact Elizabeth for more information.

  • Sara Crawley
  • Crawley Family Foundation
  • Amy Jamrog
  • Robyn Newhouse
  • Jess Saalfield
  • MA Swedlund

Joan's Circle of Friends

Joan's Circle of Friends include those who have chosen to leave a legacy gift to support the Women's Fund long-term efforts to impact the lives of local women and girls.

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Elizabeth Anema
  • Jean Beard
  • Peggy Bedell
  • Olivia Bernard
  • Carol Campbell
  • Susan Clopton
  • Dianne Doherty
  • Laurie Estes
  • Wil Hastings
  • Amy Jamrog & Kim Cook
  • Cindy Johnson
  • Susan Lantz
  • Eleanor Lord
  • Susan Lowenstein-Kitchell
  • Michele Megas-Ditomassi
  • Sue Monks
  • Carla Oleska
  • Anne Paradis & MaryJane Canavan
  • Jill Paul

Individual Support for LIPPI

  • Elizabeth Cardona
  • Beth and Paul Coombs
  • Isa Deloge
  • Marji Dixon
  • Cheryl L. Dukes
  • Camille Butterfield Elliott
  • Judy Garcia
  • Clare Higgins
  • Julie Kumble
  • Gladys Lebron-Martinez
  • Linda Marchesani
  • Lauren Robare O'Boyle
  • Michaela O'Brien and Nat Reade
  • Carla Oleska
  • Thu Pham
  • Elizabeth Silver
  • Julie-Anne and Grant Stebbins
  • Laura Sylvester
  • Lisa Waldman and Martha Lang
  • Valerie Young

Organizational Support for LIPPI

  • Charles H. Hall Foundation
  • Eileen Fisher
  • Mount Holyoke College, Weissman Center for Leadership
  • Service Employees International Union Local 509
  • The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
  • The Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation
  • Two West Foundation

Organizational Support

  • Bacon Wilson, P.C.
  • Columbia Gas
  • DeJordy, Dugre, Croteau & Co., PC
  • Elms College
  • Glenmeadow
  • Healthcare Homeless
  • Professional Business Services
  • Prosperity Candle
  • SEIU Local 509
  • Shatz, Schwartz and Fentin, PC
  • Weissman's Center for Leadership

Corporate Underwriters

Corporate underwriters logos

Platinum Sponsors

  • St. Germain Investments
  • Cardinale Design

Gold Sponsors

  • Baystate Health
  • Health New England
  • Microtek
  • Gravity Switch

Silver Sponsors

  • Insurance Center of NE

Bronze Sponsors

  • Chicopee Industrial Contractors
  • Integrity Dev. & Const.
  • Ronda G. Parish, Esq.
  • People's United Bank
  • Shatz, Shwartz & Fentin
  • United Personnel
  • Columbia Gas
  • Glenmeadow

100 Good Men Sponsors

  • Bacon Wilson, P.C.
  • Chicopee Savings Charitable Foundation
  • F. L. Roberts
  • FieldEddy Insurance
  • OMG, Inc.
  • Westfield Bank

Golf Sponsors

  • Dietz & Co. Architects
  • Elms College
  • Hart & Patterson Financial Services
  • Lenox
  • Nicholas LaPier, CPA, PC

Golf Tee Sponsors

  • Bay Path University
  • C & M Realty
  • Center for Human Development
  • DeJordy, Dugre, Croteau & Co.
  • Enterprise Rent a Car
  • Friends of Amherst Recreation
  • Keyes and Donnellan, P.C.
  • Norm's Auto Body
  • Optical Studio
  • Professional Business Services
  • Steve's Sugar Shack
  • Whalen Insurance

County Gathering Sponsors

  • Greenfield Community College
  • Greenfield Savings Bank

For The Love Sponsor

  • NMFN - The Jamrog Group

Valley Gives: A Community of Giving

Thank you to the 140 donors who prioritized women and girls by donating to your Women's Fund during the 2013 Valley Gives event. Because of you, your Women's Fund was the recipient of additional prize monies and raised a total of $18,056.12. As a proud partner in Valley Gives, we are motivated by the education and collaboration that unites the Valley's non-profits and will continue to support its efforts.


Thank you to all our supporters! The Foundation tracks all gifts with utmost care. If there are any inconsistencies, please inform us.